ENGL 1008


Essay 1: Personal Essay:

My topic is Rrckless Driving and Accident comparison between USA and Saudi Arabia and why social media causing a lot of accident. , in this essay of 800 words or three full pages you will need to address these areas in SOME logical order:



-Very brief introduction of the topic of your future research (its general context, the history behind it, what you know about it, what you understand, etc.).

-A detailed description/ narration of your personal experience related to this topic and how you became interested in this topic.

-Explanation of why this topic is important to you, what specific audience might also be interested in your research, and why.


GRADING CRITERIA: 100 points maximum:


·         Your paper addresses the assignment and follows the above directions; the paper stays close to the topic and to the length as assigned (30 pts.)

·         The ideas in your paper are interesting, creative, surprising, pleasing to read, and well developed; enough detail is given ; there is a nice "plot," the setting is well described, and events and characters are well described and meaningful to the whole paper; you are able to "analyze" yourself as a writer from an outsider's perspective and with critical eyes; no important information is incomplete or left out; you don't assume that the reader knows what you know; you do not simply tell the story but you are also able to draw conclusions from it (30 pts.)

·         The spelling and grammar are without problems (check: words you don't know, capitalization, subject-verb agreement, correct verb tenses, correct adjective/adverb forms, word order, relative clauses, contractions, etc.); the sentence construction has a nice variety; the vocabulary is excellent (20 pts.)

·         The organization of your paper is clear and logical; there is a distinct introduction, development, and conclusion; different parts flow nicely with adequate transitions (10 pts.)


·         Your paper follows the rules of mechanics (punctuation) and format: double spaced, Times New Roman font size 12, one inch margin all around the text (10 pts.)

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