Engineering 151 Test Module 7 through 9

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A steel cable 1.25 inches in diameter and 50 ft long is to lift a 40,000 lb weight. What is the length of the cable during lifting? The modulus of elasticity of the steel is 30x106 psi.



A large flat plate is subjected to constant amplitude uniaxial cyclic tensile and compressive stresses. Compute the critical crack length if the fatigue life must be at least 3x106 cycles. Assume the initial maximum edge surface crack length to be 1.1 mm, and a maximum tensile stress of 160 MPa. Assume m=3.0, A=1.4x10-13MPa in meter units, and Y=1.2.





Using the attached figure, for a Cu-20% Wt Ag alloy, determine the phases present, their percentage amounts, and their compositions at

a. 1000 degrees Centigrade

b. 781 degrees Centigrade

c. 779 degrees Centigrade

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