Which of the following makes researchers passive rather than active in the research process? (Points : 1)

       Simply summarizing what other researchers have already published

       Building on the previously published work of others

       Showing relationship of current study to previously published work

       Challenging well-established conclusions of other researchers and publications


Question 12. 12. The tactic of straying off topic in the middle of an argument to draw people away from the argument is known as (Points : 1)

       the guilt-trip fallacy.

       the argument-from-envy fallacy.

       the red herring fallacy.

       the argument-from-pity fallacy.


27. An interpretive account should include all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)

       an explanation of what other writers have written.

       the significance of meaning of the literature.

       a straightforward description of other writers’ ideas.

       an evaluation of the usefulness of the articles.

Question 31. 31. When completing your thesis statement, you should have all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)

       definitive answers to your topic question.

       examples and cases for evidence.

       an interpretative framework.

       multiple partners-in-inquiry.

32. Which of the following statements is an example of the post hoc fallacy? (Points : 1)

       I always wear my lucky hat when the Atlanta Braves play; thanks to me, they won the World Series!

       The San Diego Padres never win because their payroll is so small.

       I’m glad that player was suspended. The Yankees will win now that a cheater is off the roster.

       The Red Sox are the most storied franchise in American history.



Question 38. 38. To meet research deadlines, which of the following criteria is MOST useful? (Points : 1)

       Open-ended research questions

       Expertise in the field of study

       A narrow focus

       A broad view of a topic


Question 41. 41. The concept of “search construction” allows researchers to do all of the following, EXCEPT (Points : 1)

       find synonyms for key words.

       identify potential search terms.

       specify relationships between key terms.

       keep their searches as broad as possible.


Question 50. 50. Which of the following BEST describes why researchers should review the “Cited by” link in Google Scholar during the early stages of a research project? (Points : 1)

       The link helps researchers avoid repeating the same topics as others.

       The link shows that other researchers have considered an article significant.

       The link shows the popularity of an academic author.

       The link proves the accuracy of the cited information.


Question 51. 51. Which of the following is the LEAST useful type of source? (Points : 1)

       One that includes other researchers’ analysis

       One that offers just facts or information

       One that offers you new perspectives

       One that includes at least one of the BEAM elements


Question 57. 57. An interpretive framework for an essay should include all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)

       emotionally-driven beliefs.

       opinions of experts.

       historical precedent.

       cause-and-effect relationships.


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