An Emerging Market Across Global Dimensions

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Country Snapshot:  An Emerging Market Across Global Dimensions - Mexico


In order that each student is current with global business events and to learn more about specific countries, your team will be asked to use the business press, the internet and global databases to investigate an emerging market.


  1. Each team has been assigned an Emerging Market to research as a consultant.  My Emerging Market topic is Mexico.


  1. To contribute to the team, each student will identify four current articles or research studies that a Global Marketer would find helpful in marketing their company in the assigned emerging country.  The article should reflect the current situation in that country and relate to one of the chapters covered in the textbook.


  1. Each student needs to post a link to their article and a 100-200 word synopsis, how it relates to the textbook and why this information helps a Global Marketer to market their brand in the emerging market.


  1. Your article can be published anytime during 2012 or 2013 and must be at least 500 words long in order to count towards your grade.  The article must come from credible source (e.g. Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times, International Herald Tribune, BBC, Business Week, Fortune, Time Magazine, IMF, World Bank, etc.).


  1. Important:  No one in the group may post the same article or research study.                            You don’t want to spend time writing a synopsis for an article only to discover it’s already been posted in the dropbox.  If that happens, you will have to start over and select a different article.


So, you can’t choose any of the following articles because they already have been posted by other students in my team.


BBC_Why US firms are turning to Mexico, leaving China behind


Wall Street Journal_Mexico's Curse of Economic Slowdown Whenever There's New Leadership


NY Times_In Middle of Mexico, a Middle Class Rises


CNBC_Mexico: Wake up to the emerging market next door


Forbes_What's The Real Story with Modern Mexico's Middle Class


NY Times_How Mexico Got Back in the Game



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