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Your first draft of the paper will be returned to you with comments within a couple of weeks.  In the mean time, you can go ahead with the development of your presentation if you wish.

Here are some instructions regarding the PowerPoint presentations:

1)      Your PowerPoint slides should be made with the idea that you will be speaking while you present them (this semester you will be required to submit an online presentation as described below in item 6).

2)      The slides should contain some attractive visual aids, such as graphs, formulas, pictures, diagrams, etc., that relate to your topic.

3)      Use a font size that would be readable by the audience – probably 30-point or greater.

4)      Use a good contrast between fonts and background (light versus dark or vice versa), and use colors that look good together in your judgment.

5)      Don’t put too much text on any one slide!  Generally you would not want to use entire sentences or paragraphs on a slide – just simple, straight forward phrases to make your points.  Remember, the assumption is that you would be speaking with the slide, so the material on the slide is used to guide and illustrate your talk, not replace it.

6)      There is no required length, as in number of slides, but that does not mean I won’t pay attention to the length in terms of a good presentation


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