Electric field and electric potential


Look at the attachment

(expirment ... read it .. it is easy but small question need to be answerd)

Lab reports should be orgnized as the followin ( most of the allready written in the lab that is attached):

1. Title.

2. A short explanation of the purpose of the experiment.

3. An introduction section to the method and physical theory behind the experiment (yes,
including the math of it).

4. A data results section, including raw data (WITH UNITS), calculations with your data (if you
don’t want to type all of the calculations, you can attach a handwritten page at the end of
the lab report, but make it look neat, and always include calculations), experimental
results (i.e. all printed data from the experiment, and the neatly ripped of pages from your
book), theoretical results, graphics (WITH ERROR BARS), questions from the lab manual,
etc. NOTE: All tables not provided by the book must be typed!

5. An observation section, where you comment on all the happenings and mishappenings of
the experiment, including why the data was not exactly in accordance with the
experiment, what mistakes you made, what could have been done better (This is
important for me, because here I know if you are really learning the physics).

6. The conclusions.

7. extra question (Bounce) if you can solve it (the picture that i uploaded)

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