The effects of outdoor air pollution on chronic illnesses.

Guidelines for Literature Review



1.A TITLE page with running heads and your name and affiliation included.


2.An ABSTRACT of no less than 200 words, but no more than 250 words in a separate page, single spaced. Include keywords for your paper just below the abstract. Write the word count of your abstract. 


3.A minimum of TWO and a maximum of FOUR pages of literature review, single spaced


4.An additional page or half a page of references, single spaced as described in the “References” section below.


5.MS Word version of reference articles, reports, and journal papers uploaded on eCompanion website under doc sharing  AND placed on the desktop of the computer. All of your materials should be in one folder with your topic name as its title.


You’ll need at a minimum of 10 citations from scientific or technical reports, scientific journals, and reputable websites in the field of your research topic to receive a good grade.

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