Edu. 381 Curriculum & Instructional Design week 3 assignment


Lesson Plan

We have examined a variety of instructional models. Select one of the models we have learned about and create a lesson plan (based on academic standards) using that instructional model.

Be sure to address each of the items below in your lesson plan:



  1. Identify the instructional model you have chosen.
  2. State the academic standards on which the lesson is based.
  3. Describe the grade level for which your lesson is written.
  4. Write one students will understand objective, at least two students will know objectives, and at least two students will be able to do objectives to meet the academic standard you have chosen.
  5. Describe assessments that will be utilized to measure students’ mastery of the objectives.
  6. Explain the procedures you will use to teach the lesson. Be as specific as possible. Pretend you are writing plans for a substitute teacher. Your lesson must be explicit enough for the substitute teacher to be able to implement.



Your lesson plan should be written using the KUD format provided in the resources section of the course. Please refer to chapters 3, 4, and 5 as well as other resources to create your lesson plan.


Book:Hansen, C. B., Buczynski, S., and Pucket K., S. (2015). Curriculum and Instruction for thr 21st century. Bridgepoint Education.


Note: Please make sure to answer all questions with accurate answers from the text. Also please make sure to provide the state standard based on the lesson you have selected. My goal is to become an elementary teacher so please based this lesson accordantly . Thank you for all your help. If you have any further questions in regards to this assignment please feel free to ask me.




I have provided the template along with an example in which my professor has provided for all students.


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