One of the first tasks Ed asks you to complete are a number of journal entries based on a few checks, invoices and notes Ed has kept. You will manually journalize these entries in a journal, post them to the t-accounts in the company ledger, and create the unadjusted trial balance to present to Ed. Please use this template to complete your work.

1/5/14 - Check number #4537 written for $435 to Auto Supplies Store for parts inventory.

1/12/14 - Bill received from All City Insurance for the office and shop in the amount of $600 for a 6 month policy.

1/16/14 - Bill received from Mary's Merry Cleaning Service for cleaning of the office in the amount of $200.

1/22/14 - Check number #4538 written for $200 in payment of the bill from Mary's Merry Cleaning Service.

1/27/14 - Handwritten note from Ed stating that Bob Cheap is charging $750 of services rendered by Ed's service technicians and will pay in three monthly installments beginning in February.


  1. Journalize the entries in good form on the general journal tab in the template.
  2. Post the journal entries to the appropriate T-accounts on the ledger tab in the template.
  3. Create the Unadjusted Trial Balance on the trial balance tab in the template.
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