For your International Macro post, you are expected to find and react to a recent significant substantial online article/post/report (more than 1000 words) which covers macroeconomic conditions in another country as reported in web based media sources.   Macroeconomic conditions could include economic growth, unemployment, inflation, debt, fiscal and monetary policy, exchange rates, etc. Your current events posting will provide you the opportunity to share an informed analysis and commentary concerning international macroeconomic conditions as reported in the online media.

You can find sources for your International Macro Post under the Macro Web Links tab on Blackboard especially in the Sources for News and Current Events and Econ Blogs folders.  The aggregator site MacroDigest might be a good place to start your search for an online source about macro conditions in another country:

Your International Macro post should be a minimum of 500 words (four paragraphs) to be eligible for full credit.   However, quality, not quantity, is what really matters for your grade.   The word count includes articles (the, and, a). Quotes and references must be clearly marked throughout the post essay and properly cited. (These are not included in the word count.)

Each post must apply at least three Key Terms contained in your text. Key Terms are found after the Summary at the end of every chapter. Make sure that you highlight or bold each Key Term that you apply, and include the chapter reference to the text in parenthesis.

For your Current Events Discussion Board Post please follow the following steps to gain the maximum number of points:

1.  Clearly identify the article/post that you are evaluating in your post in the first paragraph of your post. The article or post that you are evaluating should be “substantial” and at least 1000 words in length. Include the author, title, website title and URL, and date first accessed.  Provide a hyperlink so that the reader can find the article/post quickly on the web.  The article/post that you are discussing should have been written and posted after September 1, 2014. 

2. Provide a brief summary of the content and salient points of the article/post. This segment should consist of several well-formed and concise paragraphs.

3. Provide a clear discussion of at least one economic issue raised in the article in your own words. Why is this story/topic/issue significant for macroeconomists? Explain the issue(s) being addressed using economic tools/concepts you have learned in class. Your post will be impressive if you are able to tie the learning objectives from the text book to an analysis of real economic challenges.   Again each post must apply at least three Key Terms contained in your text.

4. Explain how you benefited from reading the article? Does the on-line source that you reference present a specific normative perspective?  What impact did the article have on your normative position about the topic? Do you think that your source presents a reliable and accurate portrayal of the economic situation? Why or why not?

Your International Macro post has a maximum value of 50 points, or 10% of your final grade.  Your post should be submitted by Sunday, October 26 and is worth up to 50 points.  Your post should be a minimum of 500 words to be eligible for full credit.  

Your International Macro Discussion Board post will allow you to demonstrate that you are a discerning on-line media consumer.  A lot can be learned by on-line media interpretation: institutional facts, common misunderstandings, alternative perspectives, political and social realities, policy conundrums, as well as how macro concepts are applied. 

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