econ history referee report.


(each report being 2 ½ to 4 single spaced pages in length—one inch margins on each side and no larger than 12-point font) 


1. supposed to be criticed and raise question and also provide suggestions for improvement (talk about what should be done)


2. a. a brief synopisis(tell the editor whether you understand the paper)

b. overall assessment ( one or two paragraph, how you view the paper)

c. area of concern, issue to address, linger questions

d. small part


b. overall assessment

-was the paper well written -was the paper original - was the paper well motivated  -did the paper make clear what it was about, what question it was asking, how it was going to answer it.

Originality -does this paper make a contribution to body of scientific literature -does it tell us sth didnt know before  -learn sth?

Motivation---is this paper answer question that people care about   ---use ur own judgement

Clarity---does paper do what it said it would do ---can you follow?


c. area, issues

-75%of the paper  ---show what you know  ---one of first issueis theory (is appropriate or not)

History-2nd area

--does the paper get history right?

large part- showing that you knwo the literature author talking

Data and methodology

--is data appropriate ---is indirect ot direct method?   ----if direct, is the data can be trusted?----if indirect, is the data can be trusted?


d.small issues

--misspelled ---typos ----should not be a large part.


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