ECO Statistics Journal Project

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Part 1)

1. According to the team marketing report quoted by Dallas Morning News, the average ticket price was up 4.7 percent for last year; show how they obtained a 4.7 % increase. 2. Further, is the 4.7 % increase accurate? If not, what should be the correct percentage increase?

For project journal part A, the classnote page10-14 to page10-16 will help you with that part. (I can Provide This)


Part 2) 

Use the given information to answer the following questions

Run a multiple regression using the above data. (with Export as the dependent variable).

2. Compare the result of question (1) with another regression equation obtained without the Foreign Income variable.

3. Which of the models do you prefer? Why?

4. Interpret your results for (1) and (2).

5. In writing your paper, you should start by indicating the purpose of the study. Also, discuss the methodology and conclusions.

Part B requirement: The layout and format of the paper should include the following sections: Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, and Discussion.

a) Abstract is a very concise summary of the paper.

b) The Introduction tells the reader about the topic. Specifically, it should start with the purpose of this paper is to examine…. What the issue is, what is known about it, and the specific focus? Put a business context to it -- write the value added by your work or what businesses can gain from knowledge of the determinants of Exports.

c) Empirical Results you should start with a brief discussion of the descriptive statistics for each variable. The measures of central tendency and variability will suffice -- of course, with some discussions. Interpretations of empirical results of the estimated parameters and other indicators such as

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    ECO Statistics Journal Project

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