ECO Homework


Q :1


Diversification" Please responds to the following:

  • Take a position as to whether or not your believe diversification increases shareholder value in a given company. Support your position.


  • Given a company that is already diversified, suggest how senior management may determine the most effective strategy and how it should be evaluated.


Q :2

"PepsiCo" Please respond to the following:

  • PepsiCo has historically trailed the Coco-Cola company in carbonated beverage sales. Suggest a strategy that may enable PepsiCo to close the gap in this market. Explain how this may allow PepsiCo to achieve the number-one market position.
  • Take a position on whether PepsiCo’s actions of spinning off its fast food establishments created value for the shareholders.

·         "Predict the next international market for PepsiCo and if the Power of One strategy is likely to be successful." "Explain."


Need 600 words for each with Ref.APA format. No plagrisam



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