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eBusiness eCommerece

Key Assignment 20-25 pages

Data management involves the activities related to managing all of the data used for making effective decisions in an organization.

Write a data management plan of 2–3 pages for the hypothetical or existing retail company's case study that includes the following:

  • Description of all data and information that will be collected
  • Description of how the data and information will be used to support the e-commerce goals and objectives of the organization
  • Policies and procedures that will be used to protect consumer information

Add this to the data management plan section of your e-commerce business plan.

Be sure to cite your sources using APA style.

Final checklist

You were asked to develop an e-commerce business plan for a local company that seeks to offer its products for sale online. The retail company should be a hypothetical example of your choice or an existing company. The products they sell online will be procured from various suppliers.

Part 1

Tasks (objectives) include the following:

  • Executive summary (2-3 pages)

    • Mission statement
    • Descriptive company summary
    • Description of the business model
    • Description of stakeholders
  • Supply chain management plan (2-3 pages)

    • Description of the supply chain management system
    • Flowchart of the product procurement process (product flow)
    • Description of the activities used to coordinate key players in the product procurement process
    • Description of how information flows throughout the supply chain
    • Description of how finances flow throughout the supply chain
  • Customer relationship management plan (2-3 pages)

    • Description of general customer touch points (customer interaction)
    • Description of the customer profile, specifying what customer data will be collected and stored
    • Description of how customer satisfaction will be defined and measured
  • Internet branding and marketing plan (2-3 pages)

    • Market analysis summary
    • Brand strategy
    • Customer engagement plan
    • Description of various technologies that were used
    • Recency, frequency, monetary (RFM) analysis of customers that will be used to customize promotional marketing campaigns

Part 2

Tasks (objectives ) include the following:

  • Data and information management plan (2-3 pages)

    • Description of all data and information that will be collected
    • Description of how the data and information will be used to support the e-commerce goals and objectives of the organization
    • Include the policies and procedures that will be used to protect consumer information
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Data Management

body preview (0 words)

file1.doc preview (785 words)

xxxxxxx header: xxxxxxxxxxx MANAGEMENT INFORMATION xxxxxxxxxx xxx PAGE xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxxx Management


College xxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxx Management

E-commerce stands for xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xx is x concept whereby xxxxxxxxx xxx migrating xx do xxxxxxxx electronically .This xx a very good idea, xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx with its own challenges xxxxxxxxxx where managing xxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx xx concerned. Data xxxxxxxxxx xx one of xxx key xxxxxx that Companies deal xxxx xxxxxxx information is xxx nerve center of any xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx with xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx that ultimate security xx observed because information xxxxxxxxxx sensitive areas xx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx Company can be xxxxxxx xxxx xx its knees. xx the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx world, information is xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx direction the Company’x xxxxxxx xxxxx take

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.doc preview (691 words)

Running xxxxxxx DANA xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx BUSINESS PROFILE DANA INTERNATION xxxxx xxxxxxxx PROFILE xxx PAGE \* xxxxxxxxxxx �3�

Dana International Group Business xxxxxxx


College Affiliation

Dana International Group

xxx Dana international group is x global xxxxxxx fashion xxxxxxx with xxxxxxxxx in xxxxxx all parts xx the xxxxxx

Mission xxxxxxxxx

The Dana International xxxxxx’ mission is to be xxx xxxxxxxxxxx authority xx xxx fashion xxxxxxxx by helping xxx xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxx xxxx fashion conscious xxx xxxxxxxxx self confidence xx individuals. xx xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx insightful xxxxxxxxxxx on xxxxxxx xxxx as xxxx as xxxxxxxxx that xxx xxxxxxxx to suit the xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx its xxxxxx xxxxxx and consultants; xx xxxxxxxxx people xx have a xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx be xxx industry trend setter.

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

xxxx international xx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file3.doc preview (4522 words)

xxxxxxx header: DANA INTERNATIONAL GROUP xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx GROUP xxx PAGE xx MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxx

xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx


xxxxxxx Affiliation

xxxx International Group

xxx Dana xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx x global xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx with customers xx xxxxxx all parts of the xxxxxx

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

The xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx Groups’ mission xx to xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx authority xx xxx fashion xxxxxxxx by xxxxxxx xxx customers to xxxxxx more fashion xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx as xxxxxxxxxxxx To xx this, Dana xxxxxxxxxxxxx provides xxxxxxxxxx information on fashion xxxx xx well as xxxxxxxxx that are tailored xx suit xxx xxxxxxxxxxx through xxx online xxxxxx and consultants; To xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx have a xxxxxxxx outlook to xxxx and be the xxxxxxxx trend xxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

xxxx international is an xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file4.doc preview (5805 words)

Running header: DANA xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx DANA INTERNATIONAL GROUP � xxxx xx MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxx

xxxx International xxxxx Business xxxxxxxx


xxxxxxx Affiliation

EXECUTIVE xxxxxxxx

xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx Group xxxxxxxxxxxxx

The xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx group xx a global xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx customers xx xxxxxx xxx parts of xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx is xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx deals xxxx xxx types xx fashion accessories in the world as x xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx internet. xxxx International xxx xxxxxxxxxxx an xxxxxxxxxxxxx Company that deals, xxxx xxxxxxxxxx that relates xx xxxxxxxx xxx Company xxxxx with designing as well as producing clothes. xxx Company also xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx that include x modeling agency and x xxxxxxx store respectively. We source xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx are majorly xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and jewelry xxxxxxx The xxxxxxx also xxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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