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In 350 B.C., Aristotle said, the rule of law is better than the rule of any individual. See Aristotle, Politics, Book 3-Chapter 16.  In our legal system, the law is a system of rules and regulations, enforced by government, primarily through the judicial and executive branches.

Use the Internet to conduct research on the role of law in business. Based on your research, answer the following questions:

  • To what extent can our legal system ensure order and stability in society and particularly, in the business world?
  • Give a recent example from your research concerning any alleged failure of the legal system that led to instability in business and society.
  • How would you explain the importance of stability and predictability in our legal system in the context of the recent problems in the financial services industry (e.g. "sub-prime mortgages",  Bernie Madoff)?
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Surname xxx xxxx xx MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxx





xx xxxx xxxxxx xxx our xxxxx system xxxxxx order and xxxxxxxxx xx society and particularly, xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

The legal system can play x huge role in xxxxxxxx that there xx stability and order in xxx society and in xxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxxx Legal systems xxx process and institutions, which xxxxxxxx the laws, xxx absence xx a xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx people will experience xxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxx xxxxx affairs. A xxxxx system ensures xxxx xxx laws created xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx to by the xxxxxxxxx Laws regulate xxxxxxx’s conduct and impose punishment xxx malfeasance. The legal xxxxxx adopts the law and enforces it in x manner xxxxxxxxxx predictable. xxxxxxxx predictability xxxxxxxxx is xxx x xxxxxxxxx xxx fairness xx a xxxxx system. To xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxx system must xxxxxxxxx xxxxx treatment to xxx xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx cannot xx relied xxxx to xx xxxxxxxx enough in maintain

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