Ocean Acidification Activity – Davis Strait


In summer 2015, the United States Geological Survey Arctic Ocean Acidification team boarded the R/V Atlantis to study water parameters in the Davis Strait.  Visit the website linked below and answer the following questions in complete sentences.  Be sure to look at the 2015 Davis Strait/Arctic Cruise section on the left side to find the subheadings listed below.   Once in the cruise journal, scroll down to get each subsequent entry.


Link to USGS 2015 Davis Strait/Arctic Ocean Acidification Cruise:




Link to Video Podcast: Ocean Acidification Research on Top of the World:




Video on Ocean Acidification:


1)      What is Ocean Acidification? (5 points)


2)      What could happen if pH lowers in the world’s oceans? (5 points)


Cruise Plan and Map:


3)      Where is the Davis Strait? (5 points)


4)      What do the scientists plan to do to measure Ocean Acidification on this cruise? (5 points)


Cruise Journal


5)      Why study the Davis Strait? (5 points)


6)      What is a Rosette?  How does it collect water samples?  What parameters are measured by the CTD on the Rosette? (5 points)


7)      How was pH of seawater measured by scientists in the on board laboratory? (5 points)


8)      What are the moorings?  What is measured using the moorings? (5 points)


9)      How did the R/V Atlantis get it’s name and what famous submersible has a permanent home in a hangar on board? (5 points)



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