E-Commerce (Attn: wuodanyango)


Unit II Project


Conduct an online search to select an Internet retailer of your choice. Once you select the retailer, please complete the

following profile making sure to fully elaborate on each section. Please use at least one or more additional sources

besides the e-tailer's web site in order to complete the company profile.  This assignment is worth a total of 100 points.


1. CompanyName/URL/Web Site Address (10 pts.)


2. Provide a detailed description of the goods and services provided. (15 pts.)


3. Provide a detailed description of their business model (what method the company uses to generate income).

(15 pts.)


4. Provide a detailed description of the advertising strategies the company uses (i.e., live chat, banner ads,

e-mail list) in order to entice customers to come back. (15 pts.)


5. Describe the features of the web site that allow you to search for different products within that e-tailer's web site.  How easy are they to use?  (10 pts.)

site. How easy are they to use? (10 pts.)


6. What do you like about the web site, and what are some things that could use improvement? (10 pts.)


7. What, if any, consumer decision support functions are in place for supporting the specific decisions of the

consumer? (15 pts.)


8. Correct spelling and grammar and appropriate use of APA formatting (10pts.)

Unit III Research Paper Outline

Submit an outline for approval for the Research Paper due in Unit VIII.

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