Dynamics of Ethics Paper 1050 words due 10/18


Research a current ethical issue that deals with a change in midstream of expectations or ground rules. Examples include the following:

  • The Income Support Division of a local HSD office has determined that they have spent most of their budget by the end of the third quarter, so they change the ground rules in terms of the length of time between episodes of eligibility for aid. This change would decrease the money being paid out, but is it ethical?
  • Schools must meet new federal requirements but have not been funded to provide the training or equipment needed to meet them. What are the legal and ethical issues? Their funding, inadequate though it may be, is at risk.
  • For many months, you have been the case manager for a man who has a long history of marrying women and not bothering with divorce. Recently, it came to your attention that he is dating your sister, although neither is aware of your relationship with the other. What are the ethical issues involved here?

You may draw from the business, political, social, medical, educational, or any other arena.

Write a 1,050+ word position paper that describes the following:

  • The previous situation
  • The changes taking place
  • Why the changes are taking place
  • Desired outcomes and future situations
  • Your opinion about the issue

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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