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Programs must often cater to the needs or expectations of many stakeholders, which may include the program administrator and staff, the funding institution, and the community the program serves. In any human services program, one of the most influential stakeholders is the funding institution. The funding institution often has its own expectations for the program and its evaluation.


Describe how the needs and expectations of stakeholders influence a program plan.


Evaluate the program in the scenario you selected from Appendix B from each stakeholder’s perspective.


Summarize the needs and expectations of each group in terms of your program.Address how the needs and expectations of each group can be met, and where compromises must be made.


Find a funding institution that works with human service organizations.


Explain the expectations for evaluation of this funding institution. How could these expectations influence the program or evaluation plans?


Write your assessment of stakeholder influences in 1,050 to 1,400 words.


Format yourpaper consistent with APA guidelines.


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