On January 25th, 1990 Avianca Flight 52 crashed while on approach to the New York’s Kennedy Airport. Within the Case Study 2 folder, you will find some background materials to provide information on this accident. You may use additional information as long as you cite it properly in your paper.
The purpose of this assignment is for you to examine, in depth, an accident that occurred, the outcomes, the findings, and recommendations. A goal of this exercise is for you to develop critical thinking and analysis skills, while also reviewing aviation related accident documents.
Some questions to get you started (feel free to expand on these topics):
  • What were the root causes of this accident?
  • How did culture play a role?
  • Was this accident preventable?
  • Are the NTSB recommendations appropriate?
  • What are the major lessons learned from this accident?
  • What role did air traffic control play in this accident?
  • Ultimately, who was at fault in this accident?

You are to review the documents provided, and complete a three-pagedouble-space write-up on your assessment of this accident. The assignment will be due in class by the dates listed below and worth 25 points. For full credit, you will be expected to participate in the class discussion.
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