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So far in the class, you have primarily studied microbes in a medical capacity and have explored many disease-causing microorganisms. Prokaryotes are deeply connected to the environment and industry, and humans depend on them in a variety of ways. In your unit Assignment, you will explore important roles that microorganisms play in the world around you. Your Readings for this unit will serve as an excellent resource for examples and information.

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Discuss two examples of how bacteria are used to remove pollutants through bioremediation. Provide the genus and species of the two microbes selected, and briefly describe their role in bioremediation.
  2. Discuss two examples of how bacteria are used in food production, drug production, and chemical production in industry. Provide the genus and species of two microbes, and briefly describe their role in industry.
  3. In science today, many groups focus on a wide range of perspectives using various biological methods. Bioremediation can come in many forms. There are many approaches that can be taken to address diverse perspectives while also providing benefits to the broader community. In a summary paragraph, discuss at least two approaches in which bioremediation can be used to meet a global challenge. Discuss the benefits of each approach. For example, there are different approaches to reducing water pollution or improving the health of the environment. What are the benefits of each approach?

You will have the option of presenting your Assignment in one of the following three formats:

  1. Word document: Submit a 700-900 word paper in APA format including an introduction, conclusion, and in-text citations and reference page.
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