Drug Krokodil Description

Write a 5-7 Page paper double spaced – Must include a reference page (not included in 5-7). Bibliography must include at least 3 references 
Write an in depth description of the drug Krokodil (Desomorphine)** Be sure to incorporate answers to all of the following questions within the paper. 
1. What is the history of the drug?
2. Why is the drug a problem to society
3. What are the problems or issues that surround the drug?
4. How does the drug work? What are the adverse health effects of taking the drug?
5. What are the psychological and Physiological effects of the drug?
6. What is being done to combat the adverse health effects associated with the drug
7. Are there any current treatments for addiction to the drug? How effective are they?
8. What recommendations do you have for a drug education/prevention program for this particular drug?
**If there is a particular drug you would be more interested in researching/writing about i would be open to your suggestion.
e.g: methadone or Spice
Added compensation will be rewarded upon satisfied completion of well written paper. 

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