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Rockland county in Long Island has an active taxi workforce of over 1500 taxi drivers and a very active taxi union. Any licensed taxi driver of Rockland county can become a member of the local taxi union – local 330.  A driver can walk into the local office and after showing his taxi drivers commercial grade license (CGL) fill in a membership form and pay the required membership dues. A driver can also fill out a membership form online and schedule an appointment to come into the office for the credentials verification prpocess.  Once a drivers CGL has been verified as valid through the County's municipal database, the member is issued a Membership ID card and a receipt for his her dues payment.   dues received from embers are logged into the Revenues Fil. The driver can either beome a member for a whole year at a discounted rate or go for monthly membership. Further, with a whole years dues payments, the driver is issued a Rockland Union T Shirt. Last but not the least, if the driver can fill in a separate form to enable automatic deductions of dues from his checking account as part of this initial payment process. 




All members current information is maintained and regular checks are done to ensure that the information is up to date. Every month postcards are sent out to all members with industry updates and all returned postcards result in a follow up call/email to the member to seek his/her new address. Similarly, Rockland Taxi Union staffer, Jean Dunnet, sets into motion an automated greeting to all members via their phone system (and software) that records all dud calls. All members whose phone numbers do not work receive an  letter/email with a request for a new phone number which then is updated. In a few cases all forms of contact with a member fail. Such members are placed in a Suspended Communications Status.n




For all members who have not enabled automatic dues collection from their checking acciunts, a comprehensive dues follow up process happens each month. The Dues follow process begins with the system automaticallygenerating a Dues Reminder mailer to all members when their dues expire. Members can pay either online, or by check or bring in their dues in cash to the office. All monies that come in response are processed and records updated to indicate the members staus as a “member in good standing.” All members who fail to respond to the first reminder are sent a second reminder - a Membership Red Alert - 21 days after the first mailer went out. F a member fails to respond, his/her record is automatically moved into a Lapsed Member Status.




When a member has a ticket/summons issued by the local police for a driving violation, he/she can again bring it into the office of the local. The benefits administrator logs the ticket, processes the requisite payment and forwards the ticket details electronically to the local law firm – Shimmer Inc. The payment for a ticket is determined by the number of different violations that the driver has been charged with, each violation attracting a different degree of complexity of law and potential fine. The law firm schedules a lawyer and goes to court for the member. Once the court decision is known the law firms informs the union office of the outcome or new dates received and the records are updated forthwith.




Finally, members often have a myriad of other problems such as injury on the job, insurance irregularities, disputes with the Taxi owners etc. Any member who comes into the office with such problems goes through an Advocacy Case Intake Process. Each morning the Unions staff attorney examines the Advocacy Case files from the previous day. He sorts the files based on the area or domain of the case.  All matters related to Workmans Compensation, Obama Care applications, Immigration, Taxes and Child Support cases are referred to an External Law Firm. He hands such files over to the Office secretary who calls the Law Firm and sets up an initial appointment for each driver. she then calls each driver and informs them of their appointment and what papers they need to carry with them when they go in for the appointment. All Taxi Industry related matters are then further divided up into two categories. Disputes with taxi fleets/brokers on one side and all Municipal Regulator related problems on the other.  The staff attorney then calls the Rockland Municipality Transportation Depts attorney or other appropriate staff and develops a solution for each drivers problem from the second pile - Municipality related problems. Later that afternoon the Staff attorney has a 30 min meeting with the Unions Exec Director and Chief Organizer and develops a plan for all the drivers who have disputes with fleets/brokers. He hands all such cases over to the Chief Organizer who then makes the necessary calls to setup Dispute Resolution meetings with the Fleets/Brokers.  The Advocacy Case database is updated at the end of each day by the Secretary.




Draw a LEVEL 1 DFD for the HANDLE ADVOCACY process.





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