• This project may be “real” (something you intend to actually use or follow through with) or your scenario and audience can be imagined.
  • Your project report must contain all of the items listed below [See pgs. 534-536 discussion of front and end matter].  Items listed in italics are optional depending on the goals of your project:
  • Letter of Transmittal (recall your professional letter formatting )submit as a separate document for greater ease in pagination formatting.
  • Title Page (formatted according to sample texts)
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Tables and Figures if used
  • Abstract 
  • Text (using appropriate headings and subheadings based on project option. For video option here you should include a new page, with a brief directive with either an embedded video or a link to your video host)
  • Glossary of terms, if needed
  • Appendices, if needed 
  • References (APA) or Work’s Cited (MLA) page (this is your choice, be consistent making sure your in text citation choices align with your end page)
  • Formal Proposal. You may choose to revisit Chapter 23 and plan to draft a formal proposal.  You can choose to investigate available grants on your own, connected to your career or personal interest and work to design a grant proposal for a grant writing authority.  You may also choose to compose a formal research or funding proposal based on a target audience of your choice. 
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