DQ's Due Tomorrow -Psychology Theories of Behavior


Discussion 1 – Forms of Punishment – Discuss this in 150+ words with in text citations - Differentiate between the forms of punishment.


Discussion 2 – Positive and Negative punishment – Discuss this in 150+ words with in text citations - Implement positive and negative punishment to specific scenarios.


Discussion 3 – How to implement extinction – Discuss this in 150+ words with in text citations  - Describe how to implement extinction procedures within a behavioral paradigm.


Discussion 4 – Punishment in the Real World – Discuss this in 150+ words with in text citations  - Parents often use positive or negative punishment when a child exhibits an inappropriate behavior. What are some examples of punishment in your home?    What about in your workplace?   What role does the Law of Effect play in this contingency?



Discussion 5 - Extinction – Discuss this in 150+ Words with in text citations - What is extinction?   Please share an example of extinction in everyday life.   When should one attempt to use extinction rather than punishment?   When is punishment a better choice?

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