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dq queations week 4 mediation class

1.       1.How would you as a mediator approach Assignment 4A, Gun Prohibition Case, at the end of Ch. 4 in Conflict Resolution for the Helping Professions? Outline a plan for conducting the mediation and avoiding pitfalls.



2.       2.Describe how you would arrange the physical environment for a mediation involving the case described in Assignment 6A at the end of Ch. 6 in Conflict Resolution for the Helping Professions.



3.       3.How does a human services worker integrate the use of mediation, or third party neutrality, when he or she also serves as an advocate for the client and is an employee of the agency?

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Mediation and Gun Control

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xxxxxxx head: MEDIATION xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx PAGE xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx � xxxx \* xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Mediation xxx xxx xxxxxxx

xxxx xx xxxxxxxx

xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx


x mediator can resolve the gun control xxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx take some xxxxxxxxxxxx If xxx party who wants xx obtain a xxx can xxxxxxx proof xxxx xxxx xx not intend to xxxx anyone xx xxxx lack a xxx to xxxxx any xxxx then they xxxxx go ahead and obtain the xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx specify xxx they xxxxxx xx xxx xxx gun e.g. for self-defence, that xxxx are xxxxxxxx xxxxx and that they xxx not members xx xxx violent society. xxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx that they xxx xxxxxxxxxx the use of x xxx xxx self-defence xxx xxxx xxx knowledgeable xx xxx safety.

x mediator xxxxxx utilize a xxxx xxxx has xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx that xxxxxx movement xxx stretching. xx should

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