Post a 100-150 word response to each of the following bulletted questions:


  • In preparing the four primary financial statements, in what order must the statement be prepared? Explain why.
  • Which of these statements would you use to help you make business investment decisions?
  • How would you make a decision based on the cash flows of a company with negative cash flows in certain periods?
  • What are the main purpose and benefits of a financial statement worksheet?
  • Some people are dependent upon one or two methods of communication as their default methods, yet the situation calls for something different at times.  Do you know someone like this?  If so, what have you done to help them seek out alternative communication methods?
  • Can there be any true meaning in celebrity apologies an apology made via social media paltform or pr firm?
  • What is the importance of etiquette training in the workplace?  
  • Have you ever worked for an employer who offered this type of training?




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