Doing business globally and internationally 3000 words (30-40 References)


Students are required to research the deal between Renault/Nissan and Samsung Motors Inc

(SMI) announced in April 2000 and still functioning today. 


Use Pestel Analysis


In Part A, students are required to address the questions below by using academic theory

and concepts. - 4 questions


1. With reference to the academic literature and using your analysis of relevant

environmentalfactors, suggest the most important external issues and trends in both

macro- and micro-environments which originally drove Renault and Samsung Motors

Inc (SMI) together.

(20 marks)


2. With reference to the academic literature, explain what type of co-operation this is,

the overall level of risk of this strategy and the specific risks in this case.

(20 marks)


3. By applying appropriate theory and using evidencefrom your research of the

companies involved, compare and contrast the relevant national and corporate

cultures. Using evidencefrom the case,evaluate your conclusionsfor their actual or

potential impact on the achievement of synergy in Renault Samsung Motors.


-Hostede's 5 forces

-Teampeneers and hampden


4. Drawing upon academic literature and theory, critically discuss the possible effects,

both positive and negative, of exchange rate movements on this deal.


-Comparison of Euro and Korean Won currency

-Currency risk exposure, use hedging



In Part B,students are required to apply overall learnings from the module to

their own personal development. - 1 question


5. Identify three (3) specific aspects or challenges of doing business internationally that

you have come to appreciate through the seminars or Expert Lectures on this modulp

Explain why these are significant personally,and to thefuture of international



Research the full life of the co-operation to maximise

understanding of the case. 


Overall word limit: 3000 (600 words to each questions)


3000 words excluding references etc, refer to attachment


in text citation apa with 30 to 40 acadamic scholarly references.

bold aerial size 12 for headings and numbers. 

text- times new roman size 12.

Reference- times new roman size 10.

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