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Do some external research to...

Do some external research to locate two U.S. Supreme Court cases where the 4th Amendment and 5th Amendment was an issue.

Part 1:        

The Fourth Amendment is supposed to limit overaggressive law enforcement and government practices and make sure there are no unreasonable searches and seizures conducted on citizens. The Fifth Amendment, concerning law enforcement, requires that no person should be forced to incriminate themselves. Both of these amendments are a huge part of criminal appellate law. Specifically, many defendants file appeals of their convictions based upon the fact that they believe either their Fourth or Fifth Amendment rights were violated by the police.

Do some external research to locate two U.S. Supreme Court cases where the 4th Amendment and 5th Amendment was an issue. Essentially, you are to find two cases, one case where a defendant has filed an appeal because he or she believes his 4th Amendment rights were violated and another case where a different defendant believes his or her 5th Amendment rights were violated. Once you locate your cases you are to summarize the cases, explain the arguments of the defendant in each case and interpret the ruling of the Supreme Court. Also discuss if you agree or disagree with these rulings. Explain your opinion in detail.

Be sure to cite all references in APA format.

Deliverable Length:           

2 pages
Part 2:
Your supervisor asks you to lead a team of paralegals in the office in a project to prepare a public service PowerPoint presentation to the community explaining the differences between each of the following court systems and its role in the government or the difference between courts:
  • criminal
  • civil
  • trial
  • appeals
  • courts of last resort
  • courts of general jurisdiction
  • courts of specific jurisdiction

Assignment Guidelines:

  • Each student should prepare 5-6 PowerPoint slides (including speakers notes) covering all of the topics above for inclusion in the presentation.  
  • Please note that your “cover” slide and the slide containing your list of references do not counted in the 5-6 PowerPoint slides deliverable

Deliverable Length:  5-6 slides


Do not forget to include APA citation and references for your work.


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Do some external research to locate two U.S. Supreme Court cases where the 4th Amendment and 5th Amendment was an issue

body preview (19 words)


xxxx assignment xxx really long xxx xxxxxxxx more pay, anyway, x deal xx xxxxxx

rate xx well please

file1.docx preview (748 words)

xxxxxxx Head: xxxxxx AND FIFTH AENDMENT xxxx ISSUES xx SUPREME xxxxxxx

FOURTH xxx xxxxx AMENDMENT CASE xxxxxx xx SUPREME xxxxxxx

Fourth and Fifth xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xx Supreme xxxxx



Fourth xxx Fifth xxxxxxxxx Case xxxxxx in Supreme Court

Fourth Amendment xxxxx

In xxx xxxx State xx Brown, xxx Wisconsin xxxxxxx court is expected xx examine xxx xxxxxxxx xx a xxxxxxx xxxx that xxxxx xx a xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx later xxx to charges xx a xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx of a firearm. The defendant, Brown was driving when the xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx car having defective xxxx light, xxxxxxx xxxx After xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx for fault lights, xxxx found a xxx xx xxx front xxxx of the xxxx This xxx to conviction of xxxxx of xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxx x xxxxxxx illegally. xxx court denied xxxxx’x xxxxxx to suppress xxx evidence xxxxxxxx xxx to xxxxxxx xxxxxxx According to Brown, xxx xxxx light was xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx had proper xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.pptx preview (714 words)

Court systems and xxxxx


xxxxxxxx Court xxxxxx

xxxxxxx of institutions and practices of the government Role: directed at mitigating and deterring crime, upholding xxxxxx control, and xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx justice system works xxxxxxxxxxx in various xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxxx system xxx xx categorized xx to two: xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx 2004).

Criminal justice xxxxxx involves systems of institutions xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx government xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx deterring crime, upholding xxxxxx control and xxxxxxxxxxx law xxxxxxxxx xxxx criminal penalties. The court xxxxx with criminal xxxx committed xx xx xxxxxxxxxx xx a group. Criminal xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx in xxxxxx county, xxxxxx city, xxxxxxx xxxx (American xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx


xxxxx xxxxx System

Civil courts xxxx with

- - - more text follows - - -

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