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Learning Objectives

  1. Explain the importance of planning a website
  2. Plan a website with navigation links
  3. Analyze the look of a website


::: (20pts) Reading Summary


  1. (5pts) Create and save a document named ReadingSummary.pdf
  2. (5pts) Use the document formatting outlined in the syllabus and create a heading called Reading Summary
  3. (10pts) Correctly answer the questions. 
    1. Why plan a website?
    2. What is the value of planning and doing needs assessment?
    3. What are some of the common results of failing to plan?
    4. What is the value of good photography?
    5. What is the value of good writing?
    6. Why do a wireframe?
    7. What is the value of good design?

::: (35pts) Web Design Skills


  1. (5pts) Create and save a document named WebDesignSkills.pdf
  2. (5pts) Use the document formatting outlined in the syllabus and create a heading called Web Design Skills
  3. (25pts) Search the internet for a list of 5 job skills Web designers must have.
    1. Create a subheading for each skill.
    2. Underneath each subheading, describe the skill in 2 or 3 sentences.
    3. Create another subheading at the end of the document called Sources.
    4. List the urls of the sources you found.

::: (35pts) Website Analysis


  1. (5pts) Create and save a document named WebsiteAnalysis.pdf
  2. (5pts) Use the document formatting outlined in the syllabus and create a heading calledWebsite Analysis
  3. (25pts) Find a website about something that you are interested in that has digital media elements (audio, video, animated elements such as image sliders/galleries)
    NOTE: Do not choose Youtube or Soundcloud or Vimeo, etc. Choose a business site that uses digital media, not presents it. Do not pick a site that you cannot come up with recommendations for. If you can't think of any, pick another site.
    1. For each of the following questions, create a subheading, for example: URL, Business, Purpose, Target Audience (do not just paste the question)
    2. Answer the question under the appropriate subheading.
      1. What is the url?
      2. What is the name of the business/company?
      3. What is the purpose of the website?
      4. Who do you think is the target audience? (Who is it for - age group, income bracket, etc.) Be specific!
      5. What digital elements are used in the site?
      6. How are the digital media elements used to enhance the site?
      7. Do you think that the use of digital media is effective? Why or why not?
      8. What suggestions would you make to further enhance the site using multimedia?

::: (10pts) Submit your work


  1. (5pts) Save all files to a folder using the naming convention outlined in the syllabus. Zip the folder and submit below.
  2. (5pts) Provide answers to the following questions in the comments section.
    1. What did you learn?
    2. How long did it take?
    3. Did you have any problems?
    4. Do you have any questions?
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