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Submitted by erwsta on Mon, 2016-12-12 16:06
due on Mon, 2016-12-12 01:00
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Submitted by nyanya on Mon, 2016-12-12 18:09
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Running xxxxx CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT xxxxxxxxxxx MANAGEMENT xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx �3�

Components of Comprehensive Classroom xxxxxxxxxx





xxxxxxx classroom xxxxxxxx

The classroom xxxxxxx that I xx xxxxx to xxx xx that which I was xxx assistant class manager xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxx teacher. xx xxxx in charge xx a xxxxx of xxxxxx xxxxxxxx with xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx between the xxxx xx xxxxxx xxx twelve. xxx genders were xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx in the xxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx management xxxxx

The xxxxxxxxxx components xxxx x used xx xxxx the xxxxx in xxxxx were xxxxxxx from the six xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx by Jones and Jones xxxxxxx The first of xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx I xxxx in management xxx xxxx xx involving xxx students xx establish xxxx conducts xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx of

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.doc preview (517 words)

xxxxxxx head: xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx 1 PEER-TO-PEER xxxxxxxxxxxxx � xxxx \* MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx intervention strategies designed xx improve peer-to-peer relationships






As a xxxxxx of xxxxxxxx bullying xxx negative xxxxxxxxxxxx relationships xx the class, there are xxxx things that a teacher xxx xxx The xxxxx xx them is xx supervise playtime. It xx xxxxxxxx that xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx place xxxxx in front xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx & Sperry, 2012). When the teacher supervises recess, they are xx x position to xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx prevent xxxxxxxx as well xx other xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx students may xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx strategy xx to xxxxx xxxxx that xxxxx the mode xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx anticipation of xxxxxxx harmful interactions. xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Press (2014), xxxxxx rules xxxx limit xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx as slapping and xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx around, increases xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx interaction. Bullying xxx xxxxxxxx interaction are xxxxx encouraged xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx therefore xxx best strategy xxxxx xx xx xxx students xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxx interaction. xxxx they xxxxxxxx like xxxxx xxxx are xxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx and appreciate xxxxx backgrounds xxx

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