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:    I agree with storing all information such as receipts in a cloud or on some type of virtual security location. Our office recently downsized and I was in charge of cleaning out the accounting office. I found receipts upon receipts in that office dating all the way back to 2008. You can really see how times have changed over the years when doing something like that because as I got closer to files that said 2013,2014 or 2015, there were hardly any hard copies of receipts in those files. Some of the receipts that were dated from previous years also had important company information on them. If the wrong person would've been cleaning out those files, it could have been very bad for our company.


2:I've been around business owners who were unorganized and kept losing all their receipts. I agree with the video at the most when mention to keep all basics on hand. I think one should make copies of all important documents such as receipts, deals with other business, permits, tax information and legal documents. One should keep copies at the workplace, at home, and in the vehicle just in case other business call and say they didn't receive something or you didn't pay for something day before one will have the receipts on them. I agree that also one should keep records in places where wondering eyes can't see it, and safe from floods and fire. Having everything backed up and saved on flash drives and not just the computer is also an good idea. Handling one own business is a lot of work but I think with the right plan and strategy it'll all work out.


3:I am one of those employee's who is against anything that has to do with hard copies or paper! I think that having everything you need virtually is really the way to go, especially in the business world. Making e-copies of everything is a much better way to stay organized, and in my opinion, it is much more secure than having hard copied of important information laying around. I scan almost everything into my computer here at work and then shred it once it is scanned. I have a backup system built into my laptop for work, and we also have a server that holds all of our company information in it, including everything that I scan into my PC, so losing information isn't one of my biggest concerns.


4:Throughout U.S. history, immigrants have changed their names to disguise their ethnic origins for a variety of reasons. 

Do you think these changes were justified? Why or why not?

5:Changing names were Justified in the past and some people who did Immigrated to the United States which they did needed to prove that they were worth something other than a threat. When changing their names they are able to find jobs, and be someone who they are not able to be of where they have once lived. However most people have been discriminated against because of their own skin color, race or even their own sexuality. 


6:What are your perspectives on prayer in schools?

What are the diversity issues involved?

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