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1:    It's important to test your web pages in various web browsers to make sure that it works and shows correctly. It's a common mistake when designers only check their page using one type of browser, but just because it shows in one doesn't mean that it will show in all. The same rule apply with testing your web page in different environments.  A web browser is nothing more than a program that renders or interprets the code in your page and displays it accordingly. To help with the testing process, Expression Web 4 can be set up to preview your page in all the different browsers installed on your computer, and in multiple different window sizes.


2:You mentioned that Expression Web 4 can be set up to preview your page in all the different browsers. There is also an open source test automation tool/framework called "Selenium" that has and "plug-in" that allows you to run all your unit tests in different browsers simultaneously. You also aren't limited to the browsers just on your local machine, you can also use remote desktops that have different versions of the browsers on your machine.


3:It's important to make sure navigation links are working on your web page, you have no broken images, and your tags and HTML itself is working. I have seen this on numerous websites that I have visited. A lot of people do not care to maintain their website or web pages. They forget about maintaining them and when you visit them you have broken pictures, you have navigation links that do not work properly, and then you have what I call broken tags. It's like you don't want to see that when you are visiting a webpage. You want something that is going to stand out, something that will catch people's attention. You want something that pops. You want most of all, to make sure your links are working. If you have music players or videos on there you want to make sure when you hit the play link that it's working as well. Not maintaining your own website or webpage can be damaging in other areas.


4:   Several of the students in this class have responded about why browser testing is important. Can anyone share any online tools that might be useful in testing websites in various browsers?


5:Can anyone explain the difference between an HTML tag and an attribute? What are 2 examples of each?


6:Especially at this time of year, laptop computers get to be a hot gift item :) Can anyone explain the difference between a Chromebook and a laptop? Can you view website on both? What the primary differences between a Chromebook and a laptop?



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