disscussion reply each minimum 50 words each


1: How do you feel about the way U.S. society treats the elderly?


2:There's still age discrimination that does happen all the time in the work place with the elderly. I couldn't imagine working past the age 62 because then I will be receiving Social security, however I don't believe that the people in the society is the problem, but the government will always be the problem due to their mistakes. Therefore, there has been pensions that have been given, and some of these pensions were not enough for the elderly to even live off of, and that's a big problem. How are the elderly suppose to afford their living cost if their pensions are not enough? 


3:In today's society, I believe that there is still age discrimination and the majority of it happens in the workplace. At what age do you believe it the right time to retire? I cannot imagine working until I receive social security at age 62. I do not believe that the people in our society is the problem, but the government is. Even at my age, I can see how much I pay in for social security each year, but yet I will not be entitled to that money until I am of age the government feels I cannot work anymore. Do you agree or disagree?


4:Can we also conclude that artificial intelligence provides benefits for corporations. Furthermore, is this due to the fact that it helps in decreasing down on employees work load and especially if a business has several information technology systems/computers doing the work of hundred employees then the business should be saving lost of revenues, if you will. In forasmuch, of course they also come in handy especially since these systems do not have attitudes or problems and never get tired as long as there is something on the finishing end of the line. Does this mean we can potentially operate our business/company 24/7, meaning all night and day year after year? 


5:Let us also ask ourselves that if this artificial intelligence could possibly help us increase our business profit margin in a profitable way? For instance, another methodology being that of having customers fill out a type of waiver when they sign up for something like an app or when they purchase a service.  In any event, we have seen this again and again bu asking permission when the second party plans to use our information technology system and fundamentally concede what information or file they want and have the initial concerned business venture or 2nd or 3rd party wish to review and so forth.


6: Let us also take into account if we agree that artificial intelligence such as voice recognition works for some devices, but yet might not operate properly in others due to the fact that at times the device doesn't understand. For instance in some cases such devices of artificial intelligence might misunderstanding what we are saying or may not recognize our voice/or what we might be trying to convey and hence provide misleading information, in which case may not be a wise idea.

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