2.3-Considering “Global Sources of Conflict” as the topic of this module, speculate on a conflict that might arise from an international team of technicians from the USA, France, and Brazil performing aircraft maintenance in Brazil.


3.3-The video you watched in Module 2, “6 Rules for Effective Meetings,” showed some techniques for keeping meetings lively and engaging. Considering that Trompenaars’ cultural dimensions indicate that people from Japan tend to avoid expressing feelings, which of the six techniques might you avoid using and why?


4.3-After watching the video of an interview with the author of your textbook, comment on two or three highlights of the video that strike you as particularly significant.


5.3-Read the “Survey of HR Global Challenges: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.” A recurring top-level challenge in the survey is the development of global leadership. Based on the content of this document, explain why developing global leadership is a challenge, and outline at least one approach to addressing the challenge.


6.3-After reviewing the readings and video on emotional intelligence, define emotional intelligence and give an example of how it applies in the workplace.


7.3 After reading the assignments in this module, discuss whether you believe Instant Messaging causes productivity to improve or decline. Explain why and describe a specific scenario that supports your conclusion.


8.3After reading the assignments in this module, go online and explore a real-life project management software package in depth and describe its purpose, strengths, and drawbacks.


9.3-Attach the letter and Gantt chart you created to this discussion forum. Discuss a concept from this exercise that stands out to you as most revealing.


NO less than 250 words each question.  Thank you.

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