Respond to ONE of the following:

Question A

Discuss some of the criticisms of the PATRIOT Act and subsequent additions to the act? Who is levying these criticisms and what are they based on? Do you agree or disagree with the concerns that have been raised about civil rights and privacy of American citizens? Or are any infringements on civil rights and privacy acceptable as the price that must be paid to protect our country?

Question B

What are some of the stereotypes that television and movies promote about organized crime? How is the face of organized crime changing? What similarities can be drawn between the organized crime of the previous and current centuries?


It's My Investigation

Which group do you think is best suited to investigate arson: the fire department or the police department? Why? What unique skills does each group contribute to an arson investigation? Assume you are the chief investigator. What tasks would assign to firefighters and police officers in an investigation and why?

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