Week 3 eActivity .
•Go to Penn State’s Journal of Research in Rural Education’s Website and read “Case Study of Leadership Practices and School-Community Interrelationships in High-Performing, High-Poverty, Rural California High Schools”, located at http://www.jrre.psu.edu/articles/24-1.pdf. Be prepared to discuss.
•Watch the video titled “Teacher Leadership Videos – Intro to Leadership” (1 m 46 s), found on YouTube’s Website, located at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdisXPWc5G0. Be prepared to discuss.

Week 3 Discussion 1
"School Organization" Please respond to the following:

•Analyze the models of school organizations and explain how they have helped to form your understanding and concepts of what a school is. Choose the model of school organization that has influenced your image of schools the most and explain why.
•Think of how you would like schools to be organized and determine your top three priorities regarding the subject. Determine the support needed to establish these three priorities.

Week 3 Discussion 2 Collapse
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"Leadership Practices" Please respond to the following:

•From the first e-Activity, analyze the educational leadership practices discussed in the case study. Select the teacher leadership practice that you prefer and explain why.
•From the second e-Activity, determine whether you are a teacher leader or not. If you consider yourself to be a teacher leader outside of the classroom, examine three different ways that you share your teacher leadership skills with your coworkers. If you do not consider yourself to be a teacher leader, propose three ways that you could become a teacher leader. Create five best practices for effective teacher leadership that can be utilized when transforming from a school into a learning organization. (Best practices can come from a combination of personal experience, text, outside research, etc.)

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