Discussion Question on public TV


OK, Class. Many of you have mentioned that news focuses on the negative, so I have an exercise. Here are several stories for your consideration (all are fictitious) and consider content rather than writing.


Consider two issues and based on the exercise,

  1. Which story would you run if you were an editor?
  2. Which story would you read if you bought the newspaper?


Story #1.


Yesterday 450 students arrived safely at school by bus. All buses arrived on time and there were no incidents involving traffic infractions and no students were injured. Each student went to their assigned classes and began work. Principal John Smith said, "It is a great day when things work well."


Story #2


A rock truck ran a stop sign and slammed into a school bus carry 30 students yesterday morning, killing three and injuring dozens of others. Injured students were airlifted to Grace Memorial Hospital where all are expected to survive. State police cited the driver of the rock truck with vehicular homicide.


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