The function of this final discussion board is to share and discuss some “best practice” examples in project management. 

In looking at “Best Practices” in Project Management, it is important to observe how different organizations define this.  As part of your discussion board, choose ONE example of a “best practice” in projects to either introduce to your classmates or to comment on (if your chosen example was already chosen). You can either pull from one of the case study examples provided by the project management firm PM Solutions in advertising their own best practices at OR you can find your own example to share (please include the link if it is tied to a website).  You can also share a PM "best practice" that you have observed or experienced yourself, please just be as specific as possible in discussing it. If you decide to use an example from PM Solutions website, be sure to follow the links through (by first clicking on a black box and then the “read more” hyperlink) to get the full case study.

Here are some questions to consider when discussing your chosen example: What challenges did the project have to overcome? What solutions were offered? What were the results? What makes this a best practice example? What are the benefits and draw backs for organizations who utilize the services of an external project management firm like PM Solutions (if applicable)? What did you, personally, learn from this example?

Your initial post should be a minimum of 200-words and submitted early enough within the time frame of the module to receive comments from your classmates.

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