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Critical thinkers are able to use valid reasoning to come to a conclusion on a specific subject whether or not it is in their belief. Having an open mind on this subject lets a critical thinker weight both sides of a debate before they come to a definite resolution. The first article I have chosen has factual evidence that will allow someone to be able to choose for themselves if they believe in developments of medicine from the past. This article expresses the positive and negative factors in medical research along with ethical factors made aware to the public. The second article is mainly someone’s opinion in which they are trying to convince others to believe in the same manner as they do. Critical thinkers are not persuaded in either direction without hearing both sides of an argument and also having facts to back us said argument. This article is focused on public interests rather than factual information. The author seems to think that his argument is a cut and dry decision.


In the courses we have taken along the way to our degree’s we have learned to be critical thinkers by using scholarly sources and having facts to back up our thoughts. If we want to be taken seriously we cannot just say something and think that people will just follow us blindly. We have to be precise and stand by our ideas following them with reasonable justification.



First of all, you must gather all the information about the subject. Thoroughly read and understand every detail about the subject. Always gather information from reliable sources and research these sources.  You also have to determine what you think about the subject and understand your own biases and values. Critical thinking involves many things but I think the most important thing is making sure you information is correct and accurate.  

I found an article about bullying that was carefully thought out and well presented. You can tell that the author has researched this topic. He breaks down the details of the story to cover very informed information. In order to understand the seriousness of bullying, he covers things such as; extent of the problem, Characteristics of bullies and victims, consequences of bullying & perceptions of bullying. He also talks about intervention programs that are set up to help the bully and the victims.



Final Research Project Progress


I was making my list of things I encountered throughout the first phase of the final project and I found that the subject I chose, Workplace Bullying, had a lot of research done on it. I did not know that there was so much information to be found regarding the subject. I chose this subject because I was a victim of workplace bullying of my eight year job things were great for five years then our company went through three bosses and then the horrible boss came in and restructured everyone's work space and lives with a tornado of rude comments about our vendors and a whole lot of demeaning actions that made everyone feel like walking on eggshells so in time it brought me down so much I couldn't concentrate, I couldn't focus on my tasks in which I knew inside and out. Anyway My rationale for selecting this theme for my project is to make sure I know the rules of HR and how they can really help workers but I have yet to find how they can help because when I called HR to report workplace harassment my boss would get a call as soon as I hung up the phone. So my thesis statement for my project is, ” The research and demand for ethical values in coworkers and bosses needs to be addressed and people need to become more aware of their actions and how they affect others. Our society today demands equality in the workplace. I think the most frustrating part is searching through the HR standards that I was looking at in the library in my town that they state that workplace bullying is not acceptable not matter what but with bigger corporations this seems to go out the window. Their rules state that at any time there shall be no drinking on property of our offices at anytime. In my case there were several occasions that we had corporate meetings and this was perfectly acceptable. Another thing is the way people would encourage others by dressing scantily clad to pitch a sell for a warehouse property but spoke rudely to the client in order to push the sell, so who knows what was really going on. All in all I have learned that all companies have an HR and most of them comply by adding training in the workplace to exhibit proper and improper behavior among coworkers.



topic. What influenced you to make this choice?


My research topic is the clash between religious freedom and homosexual rights. The thing that really influenced my decision on the topic was the negative I receive from talking against homosexuality. I noticed that people are more tolerant and compassionate towards homosexual beliefs than to mines. When I talk against it, everyone wants to tell me that I’m wrong for it and they do not want to understand why I feel the way I feel. People are quick to defend the homosexual and quick to tell me that I am wrong for my beliefs. I think homosexuality is a choice and a belief just as being a Christian is a choice and a belief. Why does my belief come in second to theirs and why is theirs more important?

·         Describe your rationale for selecting that topic in relation to your academic and career pursuits.


This topic has everything to do with my academic and career pursuits because as I’ve seen, if I “discriminate” against a homosexual because I do not agree with it, my business will be in jeopardy; I’ll be fined or sued and one day even imprisoned. I am a Christian and being a Christian does not stop when I leave church, it is my lifestyle and I don’t want to be told I have to change my life to accommodate something I believe is wrong and an abomination. With anything I do in my life God will be involved, I can’t help what it a part of me. If my business is to glorify God I will not compromise just to keep my business running.

·         Provide your thesis statement.


With so many lawsuits filed against Christians by homosexuals, is it safe to say that religious freedom is coming in second to gay rights?

·         Discuss interesting finds and/or frustrations that you have encountered in your research.

To my surprise there has been more law suits or fining against Christians made by homosexuals than I expected. I thought this research paper was going to be more difficult with my topic because I wanted to explain how our rights as Christians mainly will be put in the back burner when it comes to Christian rights Vs Homosexual rights. I want to explain that somebody’s rights will be more important than the other because if one right goes against another, they will not be able to coexist. The only personal frustration I have is trying to get the paper completed because every time I sit it seems my baby moves and kicks and it makes me uncomfortable. It’s hard to find a nice quiet place to relax and focus on the paper, I just hope it turns out how I plan and that I’m using enough resources and credible sources to make my claim. With such a controversial topic, there has to be a lot of research if I want to get my point across.





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