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This is a discussion post for a Business Law class

Use Online Library Resources (such as Lexis Nexis Academic) or internet resources (such as FindLaw) to find the text (not just a summary) of an actual court decision that makes its ruling based on a principle of contract law.

In your post, you should:

  • Provide the case name and citation (such as Southern Crane Rentals, Inc. v. City of Gainesville, 429 So. 2d 771) of the court decision and a URL.
  • Explain the contract issue(s) in the case you chose.
  • Identify the contract law principles the court relied on in reaching its decision in the case and describe whether the source of the controlling contract law principles is a statute (and if so, cite which statute) or a case law precedent (and if so, cite the court decision in which the case law precedent appears).
  • Compare the facts of “your case” (the case you initially chose) with the facts (legislative history and intent) leading to enactment of the statute on which the court relied in deciding “your case” and/or the facts of the  case providing case law precedent on which the court relied in deciding “your case”.  Do you agree with the court’s result in applying those controlling contract law principles to the facts of “your case,” or do you think the facts of “your case” are different enough from the situation the statute covers or different enough from the facts of the case in the cited case law precedent that those contract law principles should not have been applied to “your case.”

1 page or so, no special format needed. plain text is fine. Please put the URL of the court case used at the end.

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