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The factors to the rise of the Cold War was because of the United States and the Soviet Union.  Historians have debated about this subject and wanted to know who actually started the war more or less on who was the responsible party.  The Soviet Union was led by a Communist Dictator by the name of Joseph Stalin who at that time had the intention to rule the nation.  The United States had to intervene to ensure that this doesn't happen.  When President Truman came into office, many believed that he could have been the person to have started the Cold War.  He ensured that his aggressiveness and the confrontational foreign policy was put forth but the differences between the two countries was getting out of hand.  Pretty much, this was a grudge match and pointing of the fingers that led to the misunderstanding between the two countries.  They both wanted to get support from neutral countries but, the competition was fierce and this could have been the main concern to the rise of the Cold War.

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