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Required Readings: Williams, David R., and Michelle Sternthal. Understanding racial-ethnic disparities in health.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior (JHSB) ©2010 [Bb]; Riecker, Patricia P. and Chloe E. Bird. Rethinking Gender Differences in Health.” The Journal of Gerontology, vol. 60B, 40-47. ©2005 [Bb]

Assignment: Media Moment: Post a minimum 300-word analysis of a news article or story (with source) on the Blackboard forum for this date. Address the issues identified in the required readings regarding some aspect of the issue of health disparities in the U.S. healthcare system.

Discussion Board Question: Post on this weeks discussion board; respond to others’ postings and questions.

Case Study Question: What would a proactive policylook like if health risks for farmworkers were addressed in health care reform in terms of poverty, race and gender? 

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