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As we are learning in this module, good business communication is essential at every level in a company, especially for those who must routinely translate complex economic information and make persuasive recommendations to audiences of varying backgrounds. 

For this discussion, review the Forms of Business Communication article. Consider the different forms of internal communication (upward, downward, and horizontal/lateral) and how various methods of communication may be better suited for one kind of audience (or industry) than for another. 

What communication strategies do you feel would be most effective in conveying your final project findings and recommendations to your stakeholders? Select two strategies below and provide an explanation of why you feel these are the best options. In your response, provide the pros and cons of these strategies.

  • Face-to-face interaction communication
  • Phone communication
  • Written communication (letters, posters, memos, charts)
  • Electronic communication (social networking, text messaging, chat websites)
  • Email communication
  • Web conferencing
In responses to classmates, compare and contrast the communication approaches they selected, and provide additional strategies (not yet listed) that you feel would also be effective and why.
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