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question 1

Select a specific area in the book that we did not cover. This is a very large area of study and there are many areas of the law that we cannot cover them all. In this discussion we can. Select one area you would be interested in and provide a summary of the area in depth in the discussion board. An example is, I am a police officer and lawyer. My favorite area is criminal law. I would not give a detailed and specific definition and examples of the topic of criminal law. How can we improve the area of law that you selected and what are the current benefits and negatives of this type of law (that you select) as applied in society today? Other examples of topics we have discussed (Alternative dispute resolution, Contracts, Torts, Criminal Law, Criminal procedure, Property, see the index of the book for additional topics



question 2

You are the project manager for the implementation of a new product line or new safety program at your plant. Why is reporting not a substitute for monitoring? Explain your reasons.

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