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JavaScript is web-programming language that is used to make web pages dynamic by acting as both a procedural and object oriented language. It helps in processing web information from visitors of a website and also brings interactivity (Sarieddine, R., 2014). A JavaScript timer is an example of an application that can be helpful in website. In form validation, JavaScript will also come in handy to ensure "require" fields are filled and also correct input format are used. JavaScript differs from Java in that it not a stand-alone programming language.


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In your response, you mention using JavaScript for form validation. In fact, that is one of the requirements for your week four assignment where you will need to write some JavaScript code to validate your HTML form. With HTML5 forms there are some attributes that you can declaratively add to the various form elements to help with required fields, etc. What are some reasons that you can think of why you would want to write your own JavaScript code to perform the validation of your form?


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