Discussion5: List and discuss two aspects of the history of each group portrayed in chapters 7, 8 and 9 that might contribute to its members' current perceptions of (and relations with) the police. In other words, list/discuss two ways the history of these groups has affected relations with law enforcement. In addition, discuss aspects of the communication style of these groups (both verbal and nonverbal) of which police officers and other law enforcement and criminal justice personnel should be aware of in their day-to-day interactions.

  • Discussion 6-Define domestic terrorism, international terrorism, and "WMDs" (CBRNE) incidents.List and discuss four "potential terrorist targets" as identified by your text while clarifying, utilizing, and incorporating the acronym "C I K R".

Identify and discuss what critical steps local law enforcement agencies and officers should use when gathering information and interviewing possible terrorist suspects within multicultural communities.

Discussion7: Identify and discuss the special obstacles and guidelines in properly identifying, investigating, and prosecuting hate/bias crimes.

  • Discussion8: Chapter 14 identifies the use of community policing for public safety and quality of life concerns that are important to all of America’s multicultural cities and communities. Specifically, it addresses gangs, the homeless and the mentally ill. Both police and multicultural communities benefit when there is citizenship participation and relevant activities that build bridges for ongoing relationships.
    • List one of your favorite positive examples of a multicultural response cited in the text for each of these three groups: gangs, homeless and mentally ill. Briefly discuss why it is your favorite approach.
    • In addition, please provide a positive example of an officer interaction with a citizen. This can be a news article (print or video), an independent video from the internet or a law enforcement journal/magazine online. It must be accessible to all students in our class by being available online.
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    discussion 5, 6,7 and 8

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