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Discussion 1: Medical Staff Performance" Should you observe a member of a medical staff conducting illegal or unethical practices, describe the steps that you would take to bring this conduct to the proper authorities. Then, assume you were the chief administrator of a medical firm. Determine who would be the proper authority. Provide your rationale. Peer review is generally the way that medical facilities assess medical staff performance. Create an alternative method for performance reviews that would not rely upon peer involvement.




Discussion 2: "Emergency Situations" If you were a medical professional and came across an individual needing immediate aid, determine how the Good Samaritan Law might affect your willingness to assist. Then discuss an actual case where the law did not apply to the “hero.” You just received a patient in the emergency room for a broken leg which requires immediate surgery. Your hospital is able to provide the surgical services required. However, the patient is refusing care and requesting to be transferred to another hospital for the same services. Explain the course of action that the hospital should take to meet the standards of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA).