Q. 1. Describe, whether or not, a business owner or executive is obligated to do more for the environment than the law requires.

See the following links which provide information and speak to corporate ethical concerns.

World's Most Ethical companiesA comprehensive website of corporate ethical information.

Why Aflac Cares About EthicsA YouTube video.

See page 28 of textbook and subsequent discussion.“Sometimes firms will have an ethical reason to act, even though acting will not maximize shareholder value (at least not in the short term.”)

See also textbook on page 479 in Chapter 15 speaking to “concerns about climate change” which have prompted virtually every company to consider ways to reduce its carbon footprint…the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases it releases into the air.”


Q. 2. Are potential customers favorably influenced by corporation’s green advertising and initiatives and thus persuaded to buy their products?In other words, are “green” companies more profitable?

You can use your own research, and/or click on the following link for information.

Are Green Corps. More Profitable?http://www.greenbiz.com

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