Length: One fully developed paragraph.


Prompt: Analyze the similarities between Wirth's "Urbanism As A Way of Life" and Cara Buckley's article in The New York Times.



How to best approach this prompt:


Think about the following questions. These questions are being provided to guide your analysis:


  • Who are the authors?
  • What kind of documents are these?
  • When were they written? Why? What is the main point of each author?
  • What are the similarities in the documents?

  • What is the significance of such similarities?
    • For whom does it matter and why?
    • What do these similarities tell us about urban life?

(Keeping in mind the questions I listed above) Skim through and summarize each document in your own words. (Reminder: This is part of note-taking. You are doing this for yourself- you will not submit a summary)


Then, as you (re)read the two documents, look for similarities and jot down evidence from both documents to compare. Then, construct a main argument and support it by using evidence from the two documents.

  • Remember to cite correctly. Revisit the Getting Started Folder if need be. You are required to use the MLA style in this section. You must provide page numbers when you cite directly and/or paraphrase from a source. For example: "..." (Wirth 21) or ... (Wirth 21-23)


Again: Use the thesis statement guide ( Thesis Statement ) (http://writingcenter.unc.edu/handouts/thesis-statements/) to construct an effective thesis statement of your own. This thesis statement should reflect YOUR interpretation (analysis) of the information you have been given and the significance of this interpretation.


Required reading: 1.http://www.sjsu.edu/people/saul.cohn/courses/city/s0/27681191Wirth.pdf



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